]The best way to get started is to first send us an email. Since we at AV Pro 360 are continuously taking orders, taking calls, and maintaining and updating our inventory of equipment, sending us an email is your best bet before even calling. Consider including the following helpful information in your email to AV Pro 360

  • If you haven’t rented from AV Pro 360 before, you’ll have to fill out some preliminary paperwork, including credit card authorization and the actual rental agreement, both of which are under policies. A third form will have to be filled out if your total rental price is under $5,000 with no insurance required. This third form simply specifies that you agree that you are taking the equipment without insurance, which will be your total responsibility.
  • ┬áRental insurance is needed for rentals over $5,000. It might be a good idea to get in touch with a property and casualty insurance provider if you plan on renting AV equipment from us numerous times per year. Such insurance policies will generally be more affordable than paying for temporary insurance coverage for each individual rental.
  • Tell us what you require! Once all the necessary paperwork has been filled out, send us a list of all the individual pieces you need. Don’t hesitate to include any questions or queries that you may have as well.
  • When do you need your audio visual equipment? Will you be picking it up yourself, or need it delivered? Let us know the exact days of your shoot so that we know exactly when it is required, and when you plan on returning the equipment back to AV Pro 360. An example of a one day rental would include a pick-up on a Monday between 3-5pm, with use on the Tuesday, then return on Wednesday morning no later than 11am.

With all this information included in your email, it will make it a lot easier and more efficient for us to fulfill your request, and help us to retain such documents in your portfolio. Send your email to info@avpro360.com.

Once you’ve sent your email and we have all this pertinent information in front of us, give is a call at 703-942-5250 to discuss in further detail your audio visual equipment rental needs.

We look forward to helping you on your project with our top-notch audio visual equipment rental at AV Pro 360!