I can’t get the projector to show my notebook computer image. Why is this?
Your notebook’s external monitor port needs to be activated. Press the Fn key and one of the top row function keys at the same time. Generally, the correct top row function key will have legends or some type of marking like a picture of 2 screens. Consult your notebook’s manual if necessary.

The projected image doesn’t look that great when using my projector. What’s the problem?
Although most new projectors feature an automatic set-up that ensures a matching between the projector and the computer resolution, sometimes the adaptation process might impair the quality of the image, or even fail to locate the proper resolution. Check under Control Panel/Display/Settings. If you’re uncertain about the resolution of your projector, simply change the display settings to a lower setting to see if there is any improvement. The quality of the image usually decreases when the computer is set to a different resolution than the projector.

What do I do when the projected image is bigger than the computer image, and sometimes appears to be getting cut off?
This is seen when running Windows 98 Second Edition, and in some cases, external monitor settings are locked in at 640 x 480. Follow these steps to rectify this issue:

▪           Right click “my computer”

▪           Click on properties

▪           Click on Device Manager

▪           Click on + in front of monitors

▪           Double click on first item in list

▪           Click on “Driver” tab

▪           Click on Update Driver

▪           Click Next

▪           Choose “display a list…”

▪           Click next

▪           Choose “Show all Hardware” at the bottom left corner

▪           Scroll up to manufactures and click on “(Standard monitor typed)”

▪           Under Models, select “Plug and Play”

▪           Click next

▪           Click next on next screen, then next again, then finish

The projected image is too big for my Compaq laptop. How do I solve this?
There may be a separate control for external display on your laptop. When in Windows, go to the Control Panel, Display, then click Compaq, Advanced, CRT. Change the display in the CRT settings to either 800×600 or 1024×768 so it matches the projector.

Why does my Windows Media Player program work great on my notebook computer, but on my projector, the movie window is dark, all while the Media Player tools display OK?
Change the Display settings using the following steps:

▪           Go to Windows Control Panel

▪           Click Display, Settings, Advanced, Display

▪           Set the monitor to Primary, and the panel to Secondary

NOTE: the panel movie window may be dark


How is the remote mouse set up?
Follow these steps:

▪           Connect the mouse cable between the computer and the projector (if you’re using a PC laptop, use the USB or PS/2 style connection. For a Mac, use the ADB cable)

▪           Check the Mouse Driver in Windows:

⁃         Windows 95/98 – Go to Control Panel, click on Mouse and check the driver, which should be set on either Standard Serial or Standard PS/2;

⁃         Windows 3.1 – Go to Windows Setup, make sure the mouse driver is set to Microsoft or IBM PS/2 mouse

▪           Turn the equipment on – Turn on the projector and restart the computer with the mouse cable and mouse driver setup. You might need to turn the computer off then on again so the computer can detect the mouse cable

If these steps don’t help to activate the remote mouse, try these troubleshooting steps:

▪           Check to see if an external mouse works in the same port used for the projector’s mouse

▪           Check to see if the various functions on the remote work- if not, try replacing the batteries

▪           If the remote mouse isn’t operable, power off the projector and wait one minute (while leaving the PC/MAC turned on)

▪           Turn the projector on


▪           Try to load the Mac without any extensions

▪           Make sure AppleTalk is disabled

▪           Disable any modems if necessary

DP 6150 mouse setup – There are 2 mouse selections on the DP 6150 (USB and PS2). With a USB mouse connection, connect the computer into either VGA2 or DV1. Make sure to connect your computer to VGA3 if you select PS2 mouse.

Can the projector connect to Mac computers and IBM compatibles?
Yes, most projectors feature adapters that allow a connection to both Mac computers and IBM compatibles. You’ll have to have an external monitor port in order to connect to any projector, which most do.

Can high-resolution images be shown on a low-resolution projector?
Although a lot of LCD projectors are able to compress higher resolution images to their native resolution, there are sometimes compromises to this approach. Some fine details in the high-resolution images might break up this technique. Animations, still photographs and technical illustrations should be able to hold up well when they’re reduced. The degree of reduction is what makes a big difference.

The projected image on my notebook computer is either compressed from left to right, is missing information from top to bottom, or doesn’t even appear whatsoever. What could be the problem?
Generally, the notebook’s resolution has to match the projector’s native resolution in order to get a simultaneous image. To configure the external video signal of the notebook for either VGA (640×480), XGA (1024×768) or SVGA (800×600), follow these steps:

▪           Using the correct cable, connect the product to the computer and power up the projector before the computer.

▪           Set the display resolution of the notebook to either SVGA (for an SVGA projector) or XGA (for a XGA projector).

▪           For Windows 95/98/NT, choose “Control Panel”, “Display Icon”, “Settings”, “Desktop Area” for resolution adjustment to 800×600 for SVGA or 1024×768 for XGA.

▪           For Windows 3.1, choose “Windows Setup” from the “Main” program group. Change the display driver to either SVGA (800×600), XGA (1024×768) or VGA (640×480) driver.

▪           Set up the notebook to display video only on the external video port. Typically, this is done through a hardware setup program or through a combination of keystroke (like FN+F4).

▪           Restart Windows to set the external video to either VGA, SVGA or XGA mode. The image will show up on the LCD panel. You might have to make some minor image and sync adjustments.

NOTE: Sometimes you may have to make additional adjustments on the computer, including changing the vertical refresh rate of the video driver that’s used. Usually, an ideal refresh rate of either 60Hz or 72Hz should be used for 640×480, and 56Hz or 60Hz for 800×600.

Is it possible to display both the internal and external at the same time with Mac PowerBook?
‘Video mirroring’ is the method used to control whether the internal screen works in addition to the panel.
Controlling video mirroring is done as follows: In the Control Panel, PowerBook Display, set the Video Mirroring to ‘ON’ for both internal and external
Alternatively, set it to ‘OFF’ for image external or internal panel only.

For those running Mac OS 8.0 or higher, the PowerBook display at 640×480 or 800×600 should be set at 60 hz. Choose Resolution when on the PowerBook Control Strip to match the display device.

Rental Orders

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Audio Visual Rentals From AV Pro 360


Questions on Rental Orders

Is a security deposit required?

Not necessarily. We at AV Pro 360 can process most orders without a security deposit, as we have a team in place who reviews each oder based on specific criteria. On occasion, a fully-refundable security deposit may be required based on such review.

When does the rental period begin and end?

The rental starts the day your equipment arrives, and ends the day it is shipped back to our warehouse.

Are reservations accepted?

Yes. Reservations are highly recommended.

How quickly does AV Pro 360 process orders?

Orders are processed the same day they are submitted, as long as it’s before 5pm ET on a Monday-Friday. Any orders submitted on a Saturday or Sunday are processed on the following Monday.

When will you charge my credit/debit card?

Credit cards are charged 2 business days before the order is shipped. For orders placed within a week of the scheduled arrival date, the credit card will generally be charged soon after order submission. Reservations made far in advance will have credit cards charged about 1 week before the rental start date.

Questions on Shipping

When will my equipment be shipped?

A number of factors influence when an order is shipped. We will make sure the equipment arrives the day you specify.

Does AV Pro 360 pick up equipment after the rental period?

We can offer pick-up services to local businesses in and around Falls Church, VA. We offer a pick-up price for those picking up and dropping off their rented equipment. Standard rates apply for picked-up orders that are shipped back by us.

What shipping company is used?

We use UPS to ship our orders.

Why is FedEx not used?

Since FedEx is split up into two companies – Express and Ground – the two don’t work together to ship packages to their appropriate destinations, which can cause a great deal of confusion when trying to return rented equipment.

When will my package be delivered by UPS?

UPS specifies that delivery of packages are made by “End of Day” for standard deliveries. This is not very specific because of the variety of factors that affect the exact time of delivery. Signing up for UPS My Choice will allow you to pre-sign for your package.

Do I have to be home to sign for the delivered package?

Someone will have to be home to sign for the package, unless you sign up for the UPS My Choice program which allows you to pre-sign. Check out www.ups.com/mychoice for more info.

Does AV Pro 360 ship internationally?

Our shipments are made to the 50 US States only.

Questions on Returning Gear

Can I drop off my returned equipment at a UPS drop box?

No, packages are usually too large for such drop boxes, and should not be used when returning our equipment.

What is the required cut-off time for returned equipment?

Usually between 4-6pm, which various between different UPS stores. Get in touch with your local UPS store for specifics on their times to avoid late fees.

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes. All you have to do is visit the “My Account” section of our website, and select the button for extending your rental. Select the date that when you’d like to return the rented equipment until. Please note that some pieces of equipment might not be eligible for this extension due to scheduling and quantities.

In what type of condition will the equipment be in when I receive it?

At AV Pro 360, we offer our clients the best equipment possible, which means we only use the most up-to-date equipment (between 6-18 months old), that is constantly being well-taken care of.

Are UV filters included with my rental?

Unfortunately, we don’t include UV filters with our rentals, however, we offer them for rent separately. This is because protection via UV filters is somewhat limited, as better protection is offered with the use of a lens hood or cap. These UV filters provide a false sense of security when it comes to impact damage.

Questions on Damage or Loss Events

What if the equipment doesn’t work when I get it?

Accidents do happen on occasion, even with the use of our extensive packaging and careful delivery process. If your equipment is damaged upon receipt, notify us right away. The sooner the better when it comes to resolving such issues. We’ll do our best to offer a replacement.

What if I forget to return an accessory along with the equipment?

If we find that an accessory is missing when we receive the rented equipment from you, we will charge the credit card on file to replace the lost item, which will be notified to you via email. If you can send the part back, we’ll be glad to refund you on your credit card. Considering the fact that certain accessories are an essential part of a item’s operation, any future rentals may be prohibited until we receive the accessory at hand.

What if I damage part of the equipment during the rental period?

Let us know immediately if the equipment has been damaged during the rental period. We know that accidents happen, and will work with you to return the equipment for us to thoroughly inspect it. Please refer to the “Protection Plan” section of the FAQ if you bought insurance for your rental.

What if the equipment is lost or stolen?

You will be responsible for replacing the equipment under both circumstances.

Questions on Protection Plan

What is covered under the Protection Plan?

The protection plan covers accidental damage of the equipment over the course of your rental. You would be responsible for 10% of the cost of a new replacement. For example, if the repair for a dropped lens is $500, and the lens itself costs $1500 to replace, you would be responsible to pay $150.

How much is the deductible?

The deductible is based on 10% of the replacement of the item, being new and up-to-date. If the cost to repair is less than the 10% mark, you’ll only be responsible to cover that specific amount.

What does the Protection Plan not cover?

Theft, loss, sand/particulate and water damage.

What if I already have insurance?

Great! Just make sure that it does in fact cover the precise equipment you are renting. We are not able to wait for insurance providers to provide us with payment, and as such, we only work directly with the renter in order to settle any immediate financial obligations.

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