Lighting is a critical component of any event, especially when a little dancing is involved. DJ’s have a lot of equipment to consider, in addition to their musical sources and the equipment needed to create the most pleasant sounds. In addition to microphones and speakers, DJ’s also need to incorporate lighting into the mix.

The type of lighting used can make or break the overall success of the event. For instance, no one wants to dance at a club with bright white lights and plain walls, much like they don’t want to be in the middle of a dark, dingy room where they can’t even see their hands in front of them.

That’s where lighting comes into the picture – with the right brightness, colors, and effects, the lighting can create the perfect ambience and mood for an event, making your DJ gig a huge success.

Black Light

160 watts for larger areas.

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ETC Spot Light

750 watts with Adjustable Angle

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RGB Uplight

Contain 108 LED Light

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P64 Black Light

Up-light With 150 LEDs

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2 T Bar Stands Plus A Truss

Comes with 2 t bars and a truss for lights

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Incorporating ‘Intelligent’ Lighting in Your Next Event

What exactly is ‘intelligent’ lighting? It’s a term frequently used to describe specific types of lighting that is highly innovative and part of the professional DJ’s arsenal of audio visual equipment. They are fully automated, and make the movement, color and brightness of lights a cinch. Moving heads and scanners are the most current technology in the intelligent lighting realm.
Moving heads can change light colors and patterns, and make the lights pan, tilt, or move in a circular manner. Scanners can also change colors and patterns, but their mobility is limited compared to moving heads. Rather, scanners feature a moving mirror that allows it to project patterns and colors all around the room. Scanners are faster than moving heads, but moving heads can capture the interest of guests much better.
These days, intelligent lighting is manufactured using LED technology, which is quickly replacing the traditional light bulb. LED has made scanners, moving heads and other fixtures more innovative because they don’t need to cool down as long, and don’t use up as much energy.

To make these lights work properly, they come with a specific mode built in. The static mode is the simplest, and allows you to turn the light on and change the color (if it’s able to display all colors). A standalone mode means you can change certain things according to its built-in program automatically. Most intelligent lighting features a DMX mode, where the light can be controlled via a DMX controller.
While traditional lights will still give you the wide range of colors to light up a room, they only project an older style of beam projection.
If you’re trying to create an elegant or high-energy ambiance for your next event, or simply want to impress your guests – and the venue owner – then intelligent lighting is the solution. And when you rent your lighting equipment from, you’ll have the benefit of using state-of-the-art AV equipment that’s bar none, at a price you can afford! Visit today!