This Rental Agreement is between AVPro360 and _____________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Renter”). The Renter hereby agrees to rent all equipment (hereinafter referred to as the “Rental Equipment”) and buys all services listed specifically in the Invoice concomitant with this Rental Agreement. The Renter understands that in the event that a specific service that is not specifically listed on that Invoice, AVPro360 is not liable to provide such service.

All Rental Equipment must be returned to AVPro360 on or before the due date and time that is stipulated on the Invoice. If the Renter needs more time with the Rental Equipment, then the Renter MUST ask for permission from AVPro360 BEFORE the due date and time. Any extension of the rental time and changing of rental terms comes at the complete and sole discretion of AVPro360. If the Rental Equipment is not returned to AVPro360 by the due date and time, then AVPro360 has the right to protect its interest and change the Renter’s Credit Card Account $ (as stipulated on the Invoice) per day, week or month until the Rental Agreement is returned. In the event that Rental Equipment is not returned on time, AVPro360 may also, in its sole discretion, treat the unreturned Rental Equipment as theft, and notify law enforcement.

The Renter is responsible for taking care of the Rental Equipment, as is also responsible for the custody and control of such equipment and for the safe and timely return of ALL Rental Equipment. The Renter has the sole responsibility for any damage, theft or loss of Rental Equipment, in whole or in part.

AVPro360 will replace the Rental Equipment if such equipment does not function properly during the Rental Period. NOTE: An extra delivery fee will be charged if AVPro360 redelivers the equipment. AVPro360 equipment is analyzed and checked to ensure that it is in proper working order before providing it to the customer. If, for any reason, the Rental Equipment ceases to function properly, AVPro360 is not obligated to provide the customer with any refund.

The Rental Equipment shall be used the way it is intended, AND shall be used according to all instructions and restrictions as stipulated by AVPro360, whether in oral or written form. When the Rental Equipment is returned to AVPro360, AVPro360 will fully inspect the Rental Equipment within a reasonable amount of time. AVPro360 will also determine whether any part of the Rental Equipment is missing or damaged.

The Renter understands that FULL PAYMENT IS DUE IN ADVANCE for all Rental Equipment and services bought that is specifically stipulated in the Invoice concomitant to this Rental Agreement.

If there are any additional charges to pay for any damage to Rental Equipment, missing Rental Equipment, additional charges for services, or an extension to Rental Time, AVPr360 will provide the Renter with an Invoice for these additional charges.

The Renter understands and agrees that the Renter has 30 days to settle all accounts with AVPro360, and to pay all fees due to AVPro360. If the Renter does not settle all accounts with and pay for all fees and charges due to AVPro360, then AVPro360 has the right to have the matter taken care of by its lawyers for collection.

The Renter understands that a monthly interest fee of 1.5% (18% per year) will be charged on any balance outstanding of the Renter’s account with AVPro360 that is over 30 days past due. Unpaid account balances will be immediately given to lawyers for collection if the balance remains unpaid after 30 days. If the Renter’s account is turned over for collection, the Renter hereby recognizes that the Renter owes and concurs to pay the unpaid balance of the Renter’s account in addition to monthly interest thereon of 1.5% (18% per year), in addition to all costs of associated with the collection, as well as lawyer’s fees of 331/3% of the unpaid balance, whether the suit is filed or not.

The Renter understands that a service charge of $45 USD will be charged for all checks that are offered as payment and are returned unpaid. In addition, the Renter will be subject to any civil retribution and remedy that Virginia Laws permit.

This Rental Agreement will be overseen and interpreted concomitant to the absolute and actual laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Cancellation: The rental reservation may be cancelled with 24 hours of placing the order, as long as the order is placed at least one week prior to the commencement of the Rental Period. If the order is placed less than 72 hours of the actual event, no cancellation will be permitted. If not, an order may be cancelled within 24 hours for a full refund. There will be absolutely NO REFUND awarded after this 24 hour period (from the time the order is placed). Rush orders (that occur within 24 hours) may not be cancelled.

Upon Delivery: The Customer is fully responsible for certifying the delivery of all Rental Equipment when it is delivered. If the driver who delivers the equipment leaves before it is established that there is an item missing, the item shall be considered to be lost by the customer. The item will then be charged for a re-delivery.

The Renter hereby agrees to the exclusive locale and authority of the state courts sitting in Fairfax County, Virginia in regards to all litigation affairs from or connected to this Rental Agreement and all other agreements that the Renter enters into with AVPro360.

I have read over and agreed to all the stipulations of this Rental Agreement, and my signature at the front of the Invoice represents my declaration of my reading over and agreement of the Rental Agreement. I hereby acknowledge that I am the party who will inevitably be liable and responsible for all fees and charges that are billed to my account by AVPro360.

Set-Up: If AVPro360 rents only the equipment, AVPro360 is not responsible for any issue as a result of the customer’s set-up.

Cables/Accessories: As a courtesy, all cables and accessories are provided by AVPro360 at no extra charge. The Renter is responsible for ensuring that he/she acquires the appropriate cables. An extra charge will be applied if for any reason AVPro360 must redeliver the cable. All accessories should be inspected by the Renter upon delivery.

Manuals: By Default, AVPro360 does not include any manual for the use of equipment when Renter rents equipment. AVPro360 assumes that the Renter knows how to work the item that he/she rents from AVPro360. CUSTOMER MUST TAKE SET-UP FROM AVPRO360 IS HE/SHE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT, OR ELSE CUSTOMER MUST HAVE A TRAINED TECHNICIAN OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT ON HIS/HER BEHALF. The customer should let AVPro360 know in advance if a manual is needed (subject to availability). In addition, if the Invoice does not include the equipment manual for the item that is being rented, then the equipment being rented is deemed not to have the manual.


I________________________________________________________ fully read and understand AVPro360’s policies. I take complete responsibility by signing below.



Signature: __________________________________________________ Date:__________________________